How can I know if my clothes are made with slave labor

A student of Advertising, Ignasi Eiriz, has launched a ‘crowdfunding’ to develop the first sustainable fashion App

The collapse of the Rana Plana textile building in Bangladesh made us look at the label of our clothes and question the real meaning of terms like low cost or made in . The collapse in 2013 of this block of eight floors in which many of the garments that we have in the closet were made caused the death of 1134 people, about 2,500 wounded and shaken the pillars of the fashion industry. Almost five years later, initiatives to open our eyes continue to emerge. Continue reading “How can I know if my clothes are made with slave labor”

An Extra Label Added To Zara’s Products!

This is how workers called upon consumers for support:


We are the Bravo factory workers who made this product you are about to buy. Years long we have produced for Zara. our factory suddenly closed  without paying us  our last 3 months of wages and severance payment. Please tell Zara to pay us our money!

How you can support:

Sign our petition via to  demand the payments to be made.

Take a photograph of this label and share it on social media with the hashtag #JusticeForBravoWorkers

Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey urges upon Zara, Next and Mango to listen to the Bravo workers’ demands immediately and pay the workers’ receivables.

Tell Zara, Next, and Mango: Pay Your Workers the Wages They Earned!

We are textile workers in Turkey who have been working for years to make profit for brands such as Inditex (Zara), Next, and Mango. We produced their products under the brands’ close surveillance  and saw the power they wield to ensure their working standards are followed by their supplier factories. By July of 2016, our boss refused to pay a huge portion of the wages we had earned making each brands’ clothing. Creditors came to our factory and seized all machines and valuable assets. Meanwhile, our boss disappeared, taking our wages with him. We have yet to receive our wages or any form of severance payment.Raising awareness
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