Who we are

DIGNItex is an open group for those organisations willing to work with a bottom-up philosophy in the struggle for decent job conditions in the textile industry.

DIGNItex does not accept donations neither grants from corporations or governments just to guarantee freedom and self-management of its actions and decisions.

Political party SAIn:

The mission of the Political Party SAIN is to struggle against the causes of starvation, unemployment and child slavery through three main pillars:  Internationalism, Solidarity and Self-Management )



  Global Bonded Labour Liberation Front:

Bonded Labor Liberation Front (BLLFliv) was established by Ehsan Ullah Khan in 1988. BLLF has raised its voice against the bonded labor system on both national and international levels and initiated a hectic campaign for the abolition of the system through legislation.



Uzbek – German Forum for Human Rights:
The Uzbek–German Forum for Human Rights (UGF) is a German-based NGO dedicated to improving the human rights situation in Uzbekistan and address key issues such as forced and child labor in the country’s cotton sector.



Rainbow Collective

Rainbow Collective, is a unique production company, formed as a social enterprise and committed to raising awareness on issues of human and childrens’ rights through powerful cinematic documentaries. In addition to their own production work, they have run and facilitated numerous youth training schemes.




Alameda Foundation
is an Argentinian non-governmental organization that struggles against human trafficking, slave labor, child exploitation, proxenetism and narcos. Their initial campaign denouncing clandestine workshops in the textile industry led them to create the Workers’ Union of Sewing Workers (UTC) and the “free-exploitation” international brand “No Chains”.




Human and Labor Rights Commission of the Tehuacan Valley

Trade union organization that defends the rights of workers in textile maquilas in Mexico. They are currently  involved in a new campaign defending indigenous peoples rights against hydroelectric corporations.