Tears in the fabric

After the Rana Plaza tragedy, documentary filmmakers, Hannan Majid and Richard York returned to Bangladesh to make their second film on the plight of garment workers.

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The film observes the toll the disaster has taken on one woman named Razia Begum. She lost both her daughters and her son-in-law in Rana Plaza and now struggles to care for her two surviving orphaned grandsons, who have been left without financial support. While having to come to terms with an enormous personal loss, the tragedy rendered Begum and her grandsons homeless – the result of losing her family’s livelihood.

Begum is yet to receive any financial compensation from factory management or the major brands. She moves from shelter to shelter each night, with eight-year-old Bijoi and six-year-old Parvez, while fighting for compensation from the brands involved in the disaster. Raising and educating her grandsons, she searches for resolution and answers through protest on the streets of Dhaka and amongst the rubble and torn fabrics of Rana Plaza.

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