Ghazl El-Mahalla textile workers’ strike is not the first

Workers at the Cotton and Textile Industries Holding Company’s textile factories in El-Mahalla city suspended their 15 day strike on Sunday evening. All workers returned to the various departments in the company, including the weaving, wool, cotton, medical and engineering and the electricity department. The strike was suspended following promises by the company to examine and gradually respond to the workers’ demands, in accordance with the law.  Continue reading “Ghazl El-Mahalla textile workers’ strike is not the first”

Garment strikes and Arab spring

The 2008 Egyptian general strike was a strike which occurred on 6 April 2008, by Egyptian workers, primarily in the state-run textile industry, in response to low wages and rising food costs. Strikes are illegal in Egypt and authorities have been given orders to break demonstrations forcefully in the past. The strike took place just two days before key municipal elections. Continue reading “Garment strikes and Arab spring”