[:en]Garment factories in Pakistan remain unsafe workplaces[:es]Se cumplen cinco años del incendio de Ali Enterprises, las fábricas en Pakistan continúan siendo inseguras.[:]

[:en]Clean Clothes Campaing (CCC) claims again that garment factories in Pakistan remain unsafe workplaces, five years since Ali Enterprises tragedy.

“The fire at the Ali Eterprises factory and its high death toll clearly revealed the urgent need for significant change within the Pakistani and global garment industry. The fire painfully illustrated how corporate auditing systems were inadequate in identifying, documenting and remediating vital safety defects, thereby saving workers’ lives. Only weeks before the lethal fire, the factory was granted a SAI8000 certification as a result of an audit carried out by RINA, a private auditing company, which included a check on safety standards. Despite this clear failure of the mainstream auditing and certification practice, the industry continues to rely on the same ineffective systems and auditing firms”.

And CCC is clear in its statement: “Yet, over the past five years there has been no discernable progress towards adopting such mechanisms and addressing the problems that led to the Ali Enterprises factory fire”.

“The German low-cost retailer KiK – the only known buyer at the Ali Enterprises factory – recently created a safety programme, but their programme is opaque and provides no accountability mechanisms. Given KiK’s relationship with the Ali Enterprises factory and the fact that a signifcant portion of their clothes continue to be made in Pakistan, KiK bears a major responsibility towards ensuring Pakistani garment factory safety. The work towards full justice for the families affected by the Ali Enterprises factory disaster remains in progress. Last year, on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the fire, global stakeholders came to an agreement to organize compensation for income loss and medical costs for the affected families. As part of this agreement KiK has paid over five million dollars, to be distributed through an ILO-organized process”.

[:es]Hoy la Campaña Ropa Limpia  conmemora el quinto aniversario del incendio que azotó la fábrica Ali Enterprises en Pakistán, matando a más de 250 trabajadores de la confección.

Al recordar esta tragedia nuestros pensamientos están con las familias que perdieron seres queridos y de aquellos que vivieron estos horribles acontecimientos. Haciendo balance cinco años después la Campaña Ropa Limpia teme que, en ausencia de inspecciones de seguridad creibles y transparentes, las fábricas de prendas de vestir en Pakistán sigan siendo lugares de trabajo inseguros. Esto significa que miles de trabajadores continúan estando en peligro diario de resultar heridos o muertos en el trabajo.




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