In 2016 the maquila industry in Tehuacán had 300 complaints for labour exploitation

The maquila industry in Tehuacán, in 2016 was the one that presented the most complaints for alleged labour exploitation, with a total of 300 complaints to the Secretary of Labour and Social Security (SLSS).

This was announced by professor Eduardo Morales Sierra, a member of the Ignacio Ellacuría Institute of Human Rights (EIHR), at the press conference “Revealing uncertainties reaping hope” at the Ibero-American University.

Morales Sierra stressed that according to the study carried out by the institute, in the region of Tehuacán was considered that in 2010, there were 38 thousand people who worked in the maquila of jeans of the region, of which 20 thousand were in the sector formal and 18 thousand additional in clandestine workshops.

He also pointed out that this investigation has shown that complaints have been received from the employees for unjustified dismissal after one of the employees suffered an accident, without compensation.

He said that in addition the working conditions in which these workers human rights are violated   and this has remained that way for almost a decade.

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