Ghazl El-Mahalla textile workers’ strike is not the first

Workers at the Cotton and Textile Industries Holding Company’s textile factories in El-Mahalla city suspended their 15 day strike on Sunday evening. All workers returned to the various departments in the company, including the weaving, wool, cotton, medical and engineering and the electricity department. The strike was suspended following promises by the company to examine and gradually respond to the workers’ demands, in accordance with the law.  Continue reading “Ghazl El-Mahalla textile workers’ strike is not the first”

Uzbekistan: Forced Labor Linked to World Bank

Systematic Violations Underpin Country’s Cotton Sector

The World Bank is funding half a billion dollars in agricultural projects linked to forced and child labor in Uzbekistan, Human Rights Watch and the Uzbek-German Forum for Human Rights informed about it in a report released today. Under the loan agreements, the Uzbek government is required to comply with laws prohibiting forced and child labor, and the World Bank can suspend the loans if there is credible evidence of violations. Continue reading “Uzbekistan: Forced Labor Linked to World Bank”

To the good guys.

Spain seems divided recently because of the different opinions regarding the donations of oncological equipment valued at euros 320 million by the Amancio Ortega Foundation. Some people glorify the leading figure of the founder of Zara to the altars of holiness, or simply believe that being grateful is being a good guy.  But there are also those who criticize the derisory nature of the donation (compared to his fortune), the tax avoidance of Ortega’s business industry or the scandals of child slavery and labor exploitation found in the INDITEX production chain.

Continue reading “To the good guys.”