Six years on, plight of workers remains unchanged in country

KARACHI: The empty blackened structure of Ali Enterprises, the Baldia factory, in which over 250 garment workers were burnt alive, still stands as a horrific reminder of the tragedy that took place in 2012.

Invited by the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) and Association of Baldia Factory Fire Affectees (ABFFA), the families of the dead gathered here on Tuesday to mark the sixth anniversary of the fire. Continue reading “Six years on, plight of workers remains unchanged in country”

Workers block road in protest

Around 170 workers held a protest on Wednesday by blocking the road and grabbing equipment from their factory in Kandal province’s Sa’ang district after the owner failed to pay their wages.

Sa’ang district deputy police chief Oeun Peng An told The Post on Thursday that the protest erupted after the workers heard a rumour that the TY factory in the district’s Sa’ang Phnom commune became bankrupt, with the owner prepared to ship out the factory’s equipment without paying their wages.

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